Individual Therapy

Contemporary Psychodynamic

 Our experiences with people in the earliest years of our lives form a way of relating that is fundamental and persistent. If we experienced our caretakers as unreliable or unsafe, we may experience most people in that way, especially those we get closest to. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a conscious relationship with someone who is reliable, safe, and caring, and who has a clear understanding of how to help people with a variety of personalities, disorders, or problematic relationships. Individual therapy is a liminal journey of emotional discovery and fosters learning new things about oneself and others.  

Internal Family Systems

 IFS therapy helps to identify and integrate parts of the self which are split off and disconnected, allowing us to experience wholeness. This wholeness leads to increased vitality, well-being, and overall health. We will work with the inherent multiplicity of our inner systems to unburden exiled parts and allow protective parts to act in less extreme ways.  

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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy + 

Psychedelic Integration

 Psychedelic medicines are now being used for a variety of reasons, including trauma resolution, therapeutic and spiritual exploration, creative problem solving, and much more. Clinical research offers evidence-based support of these medicines for therapeutic transformation when properly administered. My research background on treating post-traumatic stress disorder with MDMA has given me an in-depth understanding of how psychedelics can support mental health and healing. Although I do not offer MDMA-assisted therapy, one focus of my practice is supporting individuals who choose to work therapeutically with psychedelic medicines on their own or have a prescription for at-home ketamine from their medical provider. Working from a harm reduction perspective, I offer non-judgmental, mindfulness-based counseling to clients in order to help integrate thoughts, images, memories, or feelings from their psychedelic experience into their conscious psyches. I do not support unsafe medicine practices and I caution my clients against impulsive, recreational use.

Group Therapy

*Not currently accepting new group members

Process Groups

In process group therapy, we will explore group dynamics that create cohesion and discord, and within the discord how to find connection within the here-and-now experience. This group modality draws from modern analytic and relational theory, neuroscience, group process research, and multicultural perspectives. 

In the group process, all members are encouraged to share their perspectives, experiences, and locations to be identified, explored, and understood. We will work to create a safe process environment that is inclusive of each group member's unconscious assumptions and relational patterns. Group members should feel empowered to discuss and own their thoughts and feelings as they come up in group. As a group leader, I strive to be open and non-defensive about my own unconscious processes and welcome discussion and feedback about how I relate with group members. 

Dialectical Behavioral Groups

 DBT is an evidenced based treatment with successful outcomes for people seeking relief from emotional pain, helping to improve communication, reduce impulsivity, and provide meaning and clarity to issues that seem ongoing; it can help people become “unstuck” in their relationships, trauma, and depression and reduce self-harming behavior and suicidal ideation.

DBT is a 12-week, comprehensive group class that focuses on problem solving and acceptance based strategies. Skills are taught in Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.