About Me

I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Colorado. My pronouns are she/her/hers. You can search for me by name or license number 09926317. I work in Boulder, CO as a psychotherapist and graduated from Smith College School for Social Work with a Master's degree in clinical social work. Before that, I taught for the Schuler Scholar Program in Chicago and graduated from Colorado College with a BA in Psychoanalysis, Classics, and English.

My passion is working with people interested in personal growth and I strive to collaborate with my clients in exploring unconscious and procedurally-based patterns that occur in relationship with self and others.

I have served as a therapist to young adults and adults in the front range area for several years in community mental health and at CU Boulder's Counseling and Psychiatric Services Center. I work primarily from a contemporary psychodynamic lens and utilize a wide range of techniques including Internal Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, narrative therapy, interpersonal/relational therapy, Self psychology, and Motivational Interviewing.

I am a cisgender woman currently residing on the stolen homelands of the Arapaho and Cheyenne, colonially known as Colorado. I identify as haafu and Japanese-American and I unjustly benefit from my East Asian heritage and proximity to whiteness, as someone who is able-bodied, and with financial and educational access. My sun and moon are in Cancer. I am passionate about matters of identity, race, culture, and social justice.

Publications and Presentations

Barone, W., Beck, J., Mitsunaga-Whitten, M. & Perl, P. (2019). Perceived benefits of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy beyond symptom reduction: A Qualitative follow-up study of a clinical trial for individuals with treatment-resistant PTSD. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. DOI: 10.1080/02791072.2019.1580805

Mitsunaga-Whitten, M., Beck, J., Barone, W., & Perl, P. (2017, April). A correlative analysis of mystical experiences and lasting symptom improvement from MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treatment-resistant PTSD. Presentation at Psychedelic Science 2017 conference, Oakland, CA, USA.

Trainings, Certifications, Memberships

Internal Family Systems, the Center for Self Leadership

Zendo Project Psychedelic Harm Reduction Training

CU Boulder Post-MA Fellowship Training Program- Individual & Group focus

Member of American Psychological Association

Member of American Psychological Association Division of Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology (39)

APA Division of Psychoanalysis (39) 2019 Scholar

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ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Workshop