Client Comments

"I met with Michi and she is so wonderful, kind, helpful and genuinely has helped me so much more than I can say."

"Michiko is very supportive and helps me have a new perspective on things. I really appreciate both her encouragement and observations that she shares with me, as I would not be able to have those observations/extra confidence without her. I look forward to each session I have, in knowing that I can open up to Michiko and discuss what is on my mind."

“Michiko is PHENOMENAL. She has helped me come to some life-changing realizations. Her professionalism, sincerity, and wisdom is deeply appreciated.”

"Michi is always amazing, but this particular session was so wonderful because it really allowed me to let go of lots of feelings so that I could clear my head and actually get work done that day. It was amazing how much it helped me clear my head, I had a very productive workday after. Thank you Michi!!!"

"[I am] grateful for the space we made together. I wouldn't be in this excellent place without Michiko. I'm finally ready to turn outwards in my life, and I'm very excited to see what comes of it all!"

Quotes from voluntary, anonymous surveys at previous mental health agencies.